Wool Coat

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A classic outerwear piece that embodies elegance and sophistication. More details


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Meticulously crafted with the finest materials, this coat is designed to offer both style and functionality. The shell of the Navy Wool Coat is composed of a premium blend, consisting of 73% recycled wool, 20% polyamide, and 7% cashmere. This carefully chosen combination ensures exceptional warmth, durability, and a luxurious feel. By incorporating recycled wool, we contribute to sustainable practices without compromising on quality. The polyamide and cashmere elements add strength and softness, respectively, enhancing the coat’s overall comfort and longevity. The lining of the coat is expertly crafted from a blend of 52% viscose and 48% polyester. This combination provides a smooth and breathable interior, ensuring comfort during extended wear. The viscose offers a silky touch, while the polyester adds durability and easy maintenance. Experience the perfect balance of comfort and practicality with this thoughtfully designed lining. Completing the coat’s refined look are the horn buttons, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. The natural and sustainable properties of horn buttons make them an ideal choice, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the garment.


73% recycled Wool / 20% polyamide / 7% cashmere

52% viscose / 48% polyester

Horn buttons

  • Straight silhouette
  • Classic collar
  • Three-button closing
  • 2 inner pockets, button closing
  • 2 outer pockets, flapc closing
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