Cozy Kit

from 379 SEK

The perfect companion for those cozy indoor moments, especially during the rainy days of summer. This set includes two exquisite double-walled glasses designed to hold any hot beverage comfortably without the risk of burning your fingertips. Savor the delightful taste of mint with a premium green tea bag included in the set. To complement your tea experience, enjoy some delectable white chocolate licorice. The set also features a versatile tea clip that can be used with both coffee and loose tea, perfect for sealing bags for freshness.

The set contains:

  • 1 natural gift box adorned with a lemon motif and lined with wood shavings at the bottom for an elegant presentation.
  • 1 pack of mint-flavored “supertea” from the Tea Ministry, containing 20 tea bags for multiple servings of soothing enjoyment.
  • 1 bag of white chocolate licorice from Narr, weighing 120 grams, offering a sweet and savory treat to accompany your tea.
  • 1 silver tea ball with dosing and a clip for resealing, ensuring practicality and ease of use.
  • 2 double-walled glasses from the Tea Ministry, each with a 200ml capacity, providing the perfect vessel for your warm drinks.

This set is an ideal gift offering everything needed for a relaxing tea experience.