Bowl Lori M

from 319 SEK

Inspired by pleated skirts in the fashion world, the shape reminds us of a flower just about to unfold its petals. The glazed colours and the contrasting round low foot, makes Lori into a creation you won’t forget in the first place.



Product Details


Lori feels like glass art or like sassy sweets in tasteful wrapping. No matter where Lori moves in, it does it with the same power as exclusive trophies. Lori’s products are handmade which makes every piece unique and can vary in their looks. Can be used for tealights, jewelry, nuts or just as they come. Available in claret and dusty pink.









Byon Studio

Mouth-blown glass

Care Instructions
Dishwasher safe. Food safe.

Additional Information
Handmade, size, shape and colour may vary.


About Byon

Byon is the brand which never stops discovering new playful colour combinations, patterns, shapes and structures. The design is functional in an ingenious way where curiosity always brings out the personal element in all things created. Byon loves to surprise and to do so with humility and a big heart. Because it feels very special to be part of someone’s home, to open up for new ideas and to give innovation its own interior design name.

Sustainability at Byon

we put great emphasis on sustainability in our processes and take responsibility for how our operations affect people and the environment. Of course, we hope that you are satisfied with your purchased products but also with us as a company. As part of the New Wave Group, we pursue active sustainability work towards a vision of sustainable growth where business solutions are not only financially favourable but also sustainable from a social and environmental perspective.


What makes the biggest difference is how we conduct our everyday business. That is why we are working to integrate sustainability issues into our core business. The work includes, for example, improved working conditions in production countries, progressive chemical work, and streamlining transport and logistics. Our common main goal with the sustainability work is to create products with the longest life possible, to minimize the product’s negative impact on people and the environment during its life cycle.

In our work, we take into account all three dimensions of sustainability – social, environmental, and economic. One of our strengths is that we have our own CSR staff in place in the production countries who work full time on these issues. The work includes, for example, improved working conditions, progressive chemical work, and streamlining transport and logistics. Through internal controls in combination with independent reviews, we make sure that our products are produced under good social conditions and do not contain any harmful chemicals.