Coffee Table Book with Fire Blanket

from 599 SEK

The book is a stylish interior detail with a fire blanket included, providing you with extra safety in your home. The Coffee Table Book is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, encouraging you to display it openly while ensuring easy accessibility. The book is easy to open and close, and the fire blanket is simple to extract and use when needed. Our fire blanket is certified according to the European standard SS-EN 186.

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The best fire blanket and preparedness for fires.

That was the goal when this fire blanket designed. The fire blanket was designed as something that we love to decorate our home with – Coffee Table Books!

Designed so that you always know where the fire blanket is. So that you become the hero at home when a fire occurs.

✔️ Functional design that fits all homes.

✔️ Always close at hand when an accident occurs.

✔️ The complete fire blanket.

The book is easy to open and close. The fire blanket is easy to take out and use when needed.

Safly’s fire blanket is approved according to the European standard SS-EN 186

Coffe table book size:

Width: 16 cm
Length: 28 cm

Fire blanket size:

Width: 120 cm
Length: 120 cm

How to extinguish a fire with a fire blanket

  • Take out the blanket from your Coffee Table Book.
  • Shake out the blanket and gently place it over the fire. Do not throw the blanket over what is burning as this will give the fire more oxygen.
  • Press firmly on what is burning to suffocate the fire. Work from the center outward. Do not hit the blanket as this will let in more air.
  • Continue until you are completely sure that the fire is suffocated. Leave the blanket over what has burned for 20 minutes.
  • If someone’s clothes are on fire, press the blanket from the head and away from the body. Gently lift the blanket from the bottom up.