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At Exakt, we understand the importance of efficient logistics and distribution for our clients. That's why we have developed a highly advanced and streamlined warehouse system that enables us to deliver your orders quickly and accurately.

We take pride in our ability to deliver orders to our customers across the Nordics, Europe and the rest of the world on a daily basis.

Our logistics and distribution system is fully scalable and flexible, which means that we can adapt to your changing business needs and requirements. Whether you need expedited shipping, or customized packaging solutions, we have the expertise and capabilities to deliver.

Warehousing you can trust.

Using the our warehouse ensures personally assured quality, storage, packing and distribution of your merch.

Secure storage

Your branded merchandise receives a dedicated and secure storage space in the mula warehouse.

Assured quality

Our warehousing team personally checks every single inbound and outbound delivary before it’s stored.

Trackable shipments

Easily view and track your merchandise shipments in real time, using the mula platform.

Easy returns

We offer a variety of shipment return options. Simply let us know what you need returned.

How our warehousing works.

From storing to distributing your merchandise – with our warehouse team you are in safe hands.

Store and track your inventory digitally

Your dedicated storage space allows you to securely store and stock up your inventory according to your needs. Stock is automatically updated when you make a shipment and periodically checked, for quality assurance.

Assemble and pack orders with care

The Exakt warehouse team personally packs and reviews every single order you place to assure the utmost standards of quality.

Distribute and fulfill shipments internationally

We take care of shipping your merchandise to whatever location you need it to go - as bulk, palette, or individual shipments.

The Exakt warehouse

With big capacity and an experienced team, our warehouse provides a spacious and secure location for your merchandise and the assurance that any order you make meetings the highest standards of quality.
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