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Branding in today's world involves a lot more than just a catchy logo or tagline. It's about creating a unique identity, engaging employees, and telling your story at every opportunity. One powerful, yet often overlooked tool in this process is branded merchandise. This article dives deep into the world of branded merchandise, its crucial role in a successful rebrand, and how a thoughtful approach can significantly amplify your brand's impact.

The Significance of Merchandise in Rebranding

It is crucial to understand that rebranding is not merely a matter of replacing an old brand with a new one on existing merchandise. It is a more intricate process that demands a comprehensive update of all brand manifestations, including collateral, merchandise, and the overall brand message. This ensures that every aspect aligns with the new brand identity, a move that a particular client found necessary and sensible after investing considerable time and resources into their new positioning.

Employee Engagement through Customized Merch Packs

A case in point is a global rebrand that involved distributing customized merch packs to 3500 employees. This initiative aimed to secure internal support by including a magnet-close box, branded water bottle, tumbler, tote bag, lanyard, and a postcard detailing the sustainability of the merchandise and its relevance to the new brand. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with numerous social media posts from employees expressing their appreciation for the personalized touch and the message it conveyed.

Storytelling at Every Interaction

Every interaction with a brand is an opportunity to tell a story. For instance, a client’s identity evolved, necessitating a change in every aspect related to it, from the brand image to email signatures. We assessed the client’s core values and designed a rebrand gift box for each team member, featuring products corresponding to each value. This strategic approach to branded merchandise ensures that it reflects the brand’s essence, transcending the notion of a mere ‘giveaway’ to tell a meaningful story unique to each brand.

Tailoring Merchandise to Reflect Your Brand

While designers often focus on the nuances of color and style, it is essential to recognize that merchandise can sometimes be overly commoditized, neglecting these vital details. A thoughtfully designed item, such as a soft-touch, crook-handled umbrella with Pantone-matched ribs and contrasting canopy, can offer a remarkable brand experience compared to a standard windproof golf umbrella. Both are excellent products, but they have distinct roles in the brand landscape.


With creativity and strategic thinking, brands can use merchandise to connect with:

  • Their culture
  • Their visual identity
  • Their core values
  • Their market positioning
  • Their sustainability commitments

By addressing multiple aspects simultaneously, a well-thought-out, expertly crafted suite of branded merchandise can control every interaction with clients and team members, ensuring the rebrand achieves its intended impact. The rewards of this approach are invaluable.

Get in touch with us today today to discuss how incorporating merchandise into your marketing or employee communication strategies can amplify the impact of your rebrand.

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